Supply Lift Rentals

Propelled Lifts

No matter the angle or terrain, these lifts are an operator’s answer to maneuverability. We feature SkyJack and Genie Scissor and Straight Mast self-propelled lifts in our fleet that range from 12 ft. to 60 ft. platform heights. These lifts have available extension decks, large two-man platforms and small one man platforms for tight areas.

Scissor Lifts Electric

All equipped with extension decks and platform GFI power.

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Scissor Lifts Rough Terrain

All duel fuel equipped with gas or propane power options.

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Electric Straight Mast

Functional and flexible describes the electric straight mast all under 30” in width.

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Our Genie, SkyJack and Straight Mast lifts are all top to the line. Contact us to learn more about our scissor lifts.

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